Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anti-environmental Congressmen on Global Warming Issue

Defenders of the Wildlife Action Fund just lunched a radio campaign against five "anti-environmental congressmen who have their 'heads in the sand' on global warming." The five targets are all Republicans and include California Representatives Doolittle and Calvert. The ads will air at least until the end of the week, according to the Action Fund's press release. The group is best known for their ads that targeted now former California Congressman Pombo early in the 2006 cycle. The radio spots, tailored for each district, can be found here. The first 30 seconds of the Calvert ad notes that he was named among the 20 most corrupt Members of Congress and hits on the myriad of problems that nearly kept him from a coveted seat on the Appropriations committee -- earmark abuse and being caught with a prostitute, among others. The spot also notes the amount of money he has taken from "Big Oil."

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